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Alberta is an enemy introduced during World 7 of the game. Albertas' appear in Techno Base can be seen in the background, being genetically engineered. Near the end of the level, several Albertas will jump out of pods, armed with shock sticks and will attack the player(s). Alberta is one of the few enemies in the Techno Base that leaves money when defeated. Alberta also appears briefly during the credits, showing her in World 1.

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  • Alberta's sprites appear to be based on Kim Pine's sprites
    • Her hairstyle however is borrowed from Ramona's in Finest Hour.
  • The fact that Albertas leaves money when defeated may be a reference to the actual province Alberta, which has one of the most prosperous economies of the Canadian provinces.
  • Alberta's shock stick is the 2nd most powerful held item in the game (next to the Power of Love)
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