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Infoboxes are usually small, black boxes that give off bits of information about a character or location, such as name, age, rating, status, occupation, fun fact, etc. Infoboxes usually appear when a character is first introduced to tell the reader a little about said character or when they appear in later Volumes to remind the reader of who they are.

The Infoboxes appear to be taken from Scott's viewpoint, this can be seen in things such as Scott's rating being "Awesome", Gideon's occupation being listed as "Asshole" and one Infobox that simply reads "I do not know this girl."

List of InfoboxesEdit

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little LifeEdit

  • Scott Pilgrim, 23 years old, Rating: Awesome
  • Wallace Wells, Roommate, 25 years old, Rating: 7.5/10
  • Stacey Pilgrim, 19 years old, Younger Sister, Rating: T for Teen
  • Knives Chau, 17 years old, Status: Totally Crazy
  • Tamara Chen, 17 years old, Status: Totally Scared
  • Ramona Flowers, Age Unknown, Status: Scott is an idiot

Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldEdit

  • Scott Pilgrim, Hero Of This Book, 23 years old, Fun Fact: He was also the hero of Scott Pilgrim, Volume 1!
  • Wallace Wells, Erstwhile roommate of the Hero, 25 years old, Fun Fact: He is gay!
  • Kim Pine, Drummer, 23 years old
  • Stephen Stills, "The Talent," 22 years old
  • Young Neil, Roommate, 20 years old
  • Ramona Flowers, American Ninja Delivery Girl, Age: Unknown, Everything Unknown, Fun Fact: Unknown
  • Knives Chau, 17 years old
  • Hollie, Coworker, 26 years old
  • Joseph, Her Roommate, 24 years old
  • Monique, Old Classmate, 24 years old
  • Sandra, Same Deal, 23 years old
  • 2 medium carrots, 2 cloves garlic, 4 potatoes, 1 stick celery with leaves, Fake meat stuff, Vegan gravy mix, 1 onion, Soy margarine, Soy Milk, The finest olive oil, Knives (for your friends), Red wine (optional), Not pictured: Pots, pans, bowls, etc.

Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite SadnessEdit

  • Envy Adams, 24 years old, Rating: 100%
  • Scott Pilgrim (23 years old)- Wants to wake up and realize it was all a crazy dream
  • Ramona Flowers (Age Unknown)- Wants to get the hell out of here ASAP
  • Kim Pine (23 years old)- Wants everyone to forget she dated Scott in high school
  • Lynette Guycott (Age unknown)- Wants to blend into the walls like an awesome ninja
  • Stephen Stills (22 years old)- Wants a damn burrito, damn it
  • Julie Powers (22 years old)- Wants to get on Envy's good side now that she's famous
  • Todd Ingram (Age Unknown)- Wants to kick Scott Pilgrim's ass and get it over with
  • Envy Adams (24 years old)- Wants to drag it out and make him suffer
  • "Young" Neil Nordegraf (20 yeas old)- Kind of, sort of, basically wants to make out with Knives Chau (17 years old)
  • Knives Chau (17 years old)- Has no idea what she wants at this particular moment
  • Scott Pilgrim, first year university, Temper: Happy-go-lucky, Hair: Pretty Long
  • Natalie V. Adams, first year university, Temper: Nerdy, Hair: XL
  • Julie Powers, first year university, Temper: Bitchy, Hair: Art School
  • Stephen Stills, first year university, Temper: None, Hair: Lengthy
  • Scott (last name unknown), the other Scott, 26 years old, fairly gay
  • Wallace Wells, Scott Pilgrim's Roommate, pretty darn gay
  • Wallace Wells, gay roommate, low moral fibre
  • Stacey Pilgrim, Scott's kid sister, rarin' to go
  • Michael Comeau, knows everyone including you
  • Sandra, kind of a ditz
  • Monique, kind of a bitch
  • Joseph, Hollie's gay roommate
  • Hollie, works at a video store with Kim
  • Knives Chau, 17 years old
  • Envy Adams (already here in her new outfit)
  • Large Hammer +2 against girls
  • Stephen Stills, Man in Black
  • Kim Pine, Gothic Lolita
  • Scott Pilgrim, guy in a suit purchased at value village

Scott Pilgrim Gets It TogetherEdit

  • Tamara Chen (17 years old), Knives's only friend, apparently.
  • Coffee chain (St. Clair location), Julie & Stacey both work here.
  • Independent video store (Annex location), Kim Pine works here.
  • Vegetarian restaurant (on College St.), Stephen Stills works here.
  • Dominique, Day Manager
  • Crystal, Blender Jockey
  • Subspace, Ramona works here.
  • NOTE: She totally loves him
  • Subspace Suitcase, capacity: unknown
  • Level Up! Guts +2, Heart +3, Smarts +1, Will +1
  • NOTE TO MINORS – He is lying. Underage drinking is not at all hilarious.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the UniverseEdit

  • Kyle K. (Handsome Jerk)
  • Ken K. (Perfect Asshat)
  • Sandra (a girl)
  • Monique (another girl)
  • Kim Pine: Counting in "Herself"
  • Stills & Scott: Ready to play "Erasmus", uh-oh!!!
  • Knives Chau, suddenly
  • Julie's apartment: Another friggin' party
  • Kim Pine (cold, bored and still a little drunk)
  • Ken: $79.75, Kyle: $74.95, Twin bonus: $2.00, Achievement unlocked! Defeated the twins simultaneously
  • Q: Did Scott forget his key again? A: Yes.
  • Dad (Scott's)
  • Mom (also Scott's)
  • Lawrence West........................................Oh yeah. Scott's brother. Age: Unknown

Scott Pilgrim's Finest HourEdit

  • Monique, Gossip Girl
  • Sandra, her friend
  • Comeau, guy at a party
  • Young Neil (not really very young)
  • Monique, again?
  • Sandra, like, what the hell
  • Gideon, Ramona's long-lost cat
  • Gideon Graves, 31 Years Old. Occupation: Asshole
  • Wallace Wells, Drunk Homosexual
  • Other Scott, his gay best friend
  • Julie P. (the original and best)
  • Sandra (not the original)
  • Monique (not the best)
  • Stacey Pilgrim (long-suffering younger sister)
  • Knives (18 years old)
  • Tamara (her best friend)
  • Level Up! Guts +1, Heart +3, Balls +2
  • Stephen Stills, Head Chef
  • Scott Pilgrim, world's greatest prep cook

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (film)

  • Scott Pilgrim (22 years old) RATING: Awesome
  • Knives Chau (17 years old)
  • Steven Stills -The Talent- (22 years old)
  • Kim Pine (23 years old) Drummer
  • Young Neil (20 years old) lives here
  • Wallace Wells, Roommate, 25 years old, Rating: 7.5/10
  • Comeau (25 years old) knows everyone
  • Stacey Pilgrim Younger Sister (18 years old) Rating: "T" for Teen
  • Julie Powers Has Issues (22 years old)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The GameEdit

  • Matthew Patel (Age Unknown), Ramona's FIRST Evil Ex-Boyfriend!, Powers: Mystical
  • Lucas Lee (Age Unknown), Ramona's SECOND Evil Ex-Boyfrined!, Powers: Look him up on the Web...
  • Todd Ingram (Age Unknown), Ramona's THIRD Evil Ex-Boyfriend!, Dating: Envy Adams, cheating on her, too!
  • Roxanne Richter (Age Unknown), Ramona's FOURTH Evil Ex-Boyfriend!, Gender: Female
  • Kyle K. and Kevin K. (Age Unknown), Ramona's FIFTH and SIXTH Evil Ex-Boyfriends!, Powers: Being Japanese...
  • Negascott (23 years old), Scott's Evil Twin!, Rating: Negative Awesome!
  • Super Gideon Graves, Ramona's SEVENTH Evil Ex Boyfriend? Powers: Just look at him!
  • Gigadeon Graves, Ramona dated this guy?!, Powers: Undefeatable!!!!
  • Gideon Graves (Age Unknown), Is this the real Gideon?!, Powers: Unknown...
  • Stephen Stills, "The Talent"
  • Luke, rating: 4/10
  • Lee, status: hipster
  • Richard, courage: not!
  • Kim Pine, award: shopping frenzy!
  • Julie, Bleep!
  • Envy Adams, rating: 100%
  • Ramona Flowers, American ninja delivery girl
  • Kim PIne, rating: rocks socks!
  • Paparazzi, technique: stun flash
  • Stacey Pilgrim, Setting Scott Straight...Again!
  • Scott Pilgrim, rating: awesome
  • Scott Pilgrim, status: totally disturbed
  • Kim Pine, Less Angry, Rating: Hot!
  • Knives Chau, 17 Year Old, Rating: x2 Hot!
  • Scott Pilgrim, Girlfriend kicks a**!
  • Knives Chau, Ronin Ronin Revolution Expert
  • Hanzo, status: ?!
  • Wallace, Scott's gay roommate
  • Scott Pilgrim, New move unlocked!
  • Alien, job: defeat other species
  • Raxzilla, hates his job
  • Mike, rating: weakling!
  • Doberman, status: hungry!
  • Doberman, GRRROOOWWWLLL!
  • Doberman, WOOOF!
  • Robot-01, technique: "robotjutsu"
  • Robot Chuck, wants to be a robot too
  • Scott Pilgrim, status: dating Ramona
  • Ramona Flowers! status: relatively mysterious
  • Sammo, kung fu: amazing
  • Zombie Lucy
  • Zombie Jerry
  • Donnie, Kung Fu: awesome
  • NegaScott, powers: antimatter
  • Owl, altitude: 2 meters
  • Wolverine: status: needs to recover HP
  • Ryan, consuption effect: +50 HP
  • Crash and the Boys, best time: 0.39 seconds
  • Jason Kim, Lives life a kilometer at a time
  • Rex, status: absent
  • Brad, status: stunned
  • Alberta, rating: 11/10
  • Buta, technique: ninja magic
  • William, status: empty stomach
  • Super Fighting Robot, prototype of the Kazinger K
  • Bee-O, status: emergency!
  • Gideon Graves, status: lost in the void
  • Roxanne Ritcher, The 4th evil ex-boyfriend
  • Todd Ingram, wanted by the Vegan police
  • Lucas Lee, status: showing off
  • Kyle K. (handsome jerk)
  • Ken K. (perfect asshat)
  • Matthew Patel, technique: Angi fist
  • Mr. Chau, rating: deadly!

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