List of jokes in the Scott Pilgrim series.

Haircut jokes Edit

In Precious Little LifeEdit

  • Scott describes Ramona to Comeau by simply imitating the shape of her hair with his fingers. He recognizes her anyway.

In vs. The WorldEdit

  • When Scott and Ramona are having dinner and Garlic bread, they start making out until Ramona points out how long Scott's hair is getting. He then complains and alongside that an explanation to Scott's last haircut which he got before his break up with Envy. He doesn't stop worrying about it until Volume 3.
  • At the Second Cup, Stacey complements Ramona on her haircut. When this happens, Scott is in his house and he gets a "disturbance in the force" moment.

In The Infinite SadnessEdit

  • After Ramona says that she changes the color of her hair a lot, Scott asks if her current hair is in her natural hair color. Ramona is unsure of this. A caption points out that the book is in black in white.(Page 87 in the black and white edition, page 91 in the color edition.)
  • Afterwards, Scott starts to worry about his own hair and that he hasn't had a haircut in almost a year, even though he can easily get it cut at any time. Ramona ends up cutting his hair.
  • After yelling inappropriately, Knives gets punched in the face so hard, her highlights get knocked out.
  • In one of the college flashbacks, Scott's infobox says "Hair: Pretty long".

In the MovieEdit


"Your hair looks stupid"

  • A running gag is people telling Scott that his hair's getting shaggy. When the camera points at Scott, he's suddenly wearing his hat, and says either "Really?", "Yeah?", or "It is?"
  • After picking up his Extra Life, he defeats one of the Chaos Theatre bodyguards by simply pointing at him and saying "Your hair looks stupid".

Pee Jokes Edit

There are many, many pee jokes made throughout the series. Here is a list of them.

In Precious Little LifeEdit

  • At the party, Scott states that he is going to go pee due to boredom.

In Vs. the WorldEdit

  • When Ramona arrives at Scott and Wallace's apartment and Scott is showing Ramona around, look closely at the letter magnets on the refrigerator. The sentence on the fridge spell out, "Scott licks pee".

In The Infinite SadnessEdit

  • When Scott and Todd are about to go into Honest Ed's, Scott asks Wallace and the others, "If I peed my pants, can we just pretend I got wet in the rain?"
  • When Scott goes into the bathroom to check on Stephen (who is throwing up), there is a sign above the urinals which reads, "We now advertise in bathrooms because we know you love to pee."
  • As Ramona and Envy are fighting, Wallace runs to the bathroom to pee.

In Gets it TogetherEdit

  • Scott's Pee Bar drains as he pees in the urinal.
  • When Ramona and Roxanne are about to fight, Scott states that he has to go to the bathroom, and then he asks if there is a bathroom in the Subspace Suitcase. However, it is unknown as to whether he had to pee or poop.

In Vs. the UniverseEdit

  • Kim says that all she knows about cats are that they smell like pee.
  • In the pic on the last page talking about Bryan Lee O'Malley, a tiny Scott is seen peeing on a 1-Up sign, and text appears above it with a pun reading, "Urine luck!"

In Finest HourEdit

  • Wallace is seen peeing in the toilet.

In The MovieEdit

  • At the party, Scott states that he is going to go pee due to boredom. After Scott leaves the screen, Young Neil states that he has to pee.
  • In a dream sequence, Scott is seen draining his Pee Bar.

    SEE? Pee bar is behind this door and in front of Scott Pilgrim!

  • When Scott and Ramona are at Lee's Place, Ramona asks Scott about Knives, and then the camera goes into Scott's head and we see a wheel listing thoughts, excuses, actions, etc. The pointer gets stuck between, "I gotta pee" and, "Who, her?" What Scott ends up saying is, "I gotta pee on her!", and then corrects himself by saying, "I mean, I gotta pee. Pee time."
  • When Scott falls down (after being thrown into the air by Todd), he asks Ramona that if he peed his pants, could she just pretend he got wet in the rain, but there was no rain.
  • Stephen pees his pants when Gideon tells Sex Bob-omb that he wants to promote them. An arrow then appears on screen and points to his crotch with text reading, "Pee".

In Free Scott PilgrimEdit

  • Ramona asks Wallace if Scott usually gets up to pee halfway into a movie, and Wallace replies, "Halfway? Try six times." Scott then replies, "Hey, that's a record, not an average!"

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