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Lisa Miller
Lisa miller
Lisa Miller, Scott & Kim's friend back in High School.


~23 years old




Unknown (crush on Scott Pilgrim)


Her sister


Lisa Miller is an actress from Northern Ontario; she played a slutty character in a low-budget Canadian soap opera. She was close friends with Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine in high school, and the three played in a band called Sonic & Knuckles. She returns in Volume 4, instigating (mostly one-sided) sexual tension between her and Scott, causing Ramona Flowers to become jealous, despite Scott's resistance to Lisa's advances. She and Scott later discuss why they never acted on their possible attractions to one another in high school, and through their discussion, Scott comes to terms with his feelings of genuine love toward Ramona. Lisa then moves to California to further pursue her acting career, and is given a big farewell dinner by the rest of the characters. She never appears in the movie aside from a name drop.


Lisa and Scott were friends back in high school, though Scott was initially irritated by her and avoided being friends with her altogether. They had a mutual attraction, however the relationship went nowhere since neither of them were willing to make the first move. This mild tension ended when Scott started dating Kim, and later, he moved to Toronto.

In Volume 4, Lisa confesses to Scott that she liked him twice (almost), once while drunk, and once when Scott's locked out of Ramona's apartment when he forgets his key. The first time, Scott interrupts Lisa telling her she's drunk and the two walk off not discussing it any further. In the latter, Lisa explains that when they met at the mall by chance, she was dressed trampy because it was her laundry day and she had nothing else to wear. However, she admits that she enjoyed the attention, and when she realized Scott was coming to her sister's apartment, she changed clothes on purpose (which Scott found amazing when he found out after Lisa had initially lied about it). Scott and Lisa talk further, and the conversation turns to the recent fight Scott and Ramona had. Scott explains the fight was about Lisa and how they never really had a thing happen. Lisa jumps on this saying, "Maybe we should have." Scott passes out, and when he comes to, he learns he rejected Lisa's advances, told her he loved Ramona (which caused Lisa to cry), ordered pizza to cheer her up, was yelled at by Lisa's older sister, and then passed out after eating a lot of pizza (which is used to explain why he can't remember the night before). Lisa leaves for the United States days after to pursue her acting career and was given a big farewell party at a Korean restaurant by Scott and his friends.

Scott's (not so) Evil ExEdit

Unused Lisa Miller Volume 4 Cover

The unused cover for volume 4 featuring Lisa Miller

While Lisa and Scott never really dated, some people think of her as one of Scott's Evil Exes since she does a good deal of damage to Ramona's trust in Scott in Volume 4. She may not do any fighting, but perhaps threatens Scott and Ramona's relationship moreso than Roxie Richter.



Lisa and Scott in the Animation.

Lisa Miller appears (voiced by Mae Whitman) in the animated segment from adult swim "Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation" in an adaptation of the flashback from Book 2.

In Vs. The WorldEdit

Lisa is not seen in Vs. The World, but brought up during the talk with Julie at the party where Scott meets Ramona. She is brought up when Julie starts to name the girls Scott "killed" during a relationship.

Julie: "That time with Lisa?!"

Scott: "That was just a misunderstanding."

In the GameEdit

Lisa game pic

Lisa in the game

Lisa is one of the many background characters you see in the game. She's also the vendor at Dee's Tex Mex in World 1.

One noticeable difference to Lisa's look is the color of her hair. In both The Animation and the alternate cover art of Book 4, Lisa's hair was blond. However, in the game, her hair is a vivid pink.


  • Lisa originally appeared as one of the three protagonists of Bryan Lee O'Malley's webcomic Style, along with Kim and Lauren.[1]
  • Lisa is one of the few people who can make Kim smile.
  • Bryan Lee O'Malley noted that he would've liked to make a story on Lisa's role in the soap opera as the town slut.
    Skärmavbild 2013-05-25 kl. 00.27.28

    Lisa reading "The Catcher in the Rye".

  • In Book 2, when talking to Scott in the high school cafeteria, Lisa is seen reading the famous American novel The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger and asking Scott whether he has read it, to which Scott responds "What? No!" although he wasn't really paying attention because he "hates being bothered when eating". Another possible reference to The Catcher in the Rye is the hat that Scott wears in the same volume as well as in the movie which looks very similar to the red hunting hat habitually worn by the book's main character Holden Caulfield.
  • The show Lisa played a character in was called Witchwood High. Bryan Lee O'Malley described it as 'a low budget Canadian teen-oriented sci-fi soap opera about witches in high school' which was in the vein of Alex Mack or The Tribe.[2]
  • Lisa is of medium height.[3]


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