Characters in order of appearance, (not by their first mention).

Characters first appearing in Book 1
Character Actor First Appearance
Scott Pilgrim Michael Cera Page 6
Stephen Stills Mark Webber Page 6
Kim Pine Alison Pill Page 6
Young Neil Johnny Simmons Page 6
Knives Chau Ellen Wong Page 8
Mrs. Chau Jean Yoon (scene cut from Film) Page 8
Wallace Wells Kieran Culkin Page 12
Stacey Pilgrim Anna Kendrick Page 12
Ramona Flowers Mary Elizabeth Winstead Page 12
Other Scott Ben Lewis Page 40
Envy Adams Brie Larson Page 47
Michael Comeau Nelson Franklin Page 50
Sandra & Monique Kristina Pesic & Ingrid Haas Page 57
Julie Powers Aubrey Plaza Page 58
Jimmy Kerr Hewitt Page 116
Tamara Chen Chantelle Chung Page 117
Crash and the Boys

Erik Knudsen (Crash)

Maurie W. Kaufmann (Joel)

Abigail Chu (Trasha)

Page 120
Matthew Patel Satya Bhabha Page 133
Characters first appearing in Book 2
Character Actor First Appearance
Lisa Miller Mae Whitman*[1] Page 8
Scott's Mom & Dad Not in Film Page 14
Lauren Georgette Perna*[2] Page 20
Simon Lee Jason Schwartzman*[3] Page 25
Sara Not in Film Page 65
Hollie Not in Film Page 66
Gideon (Cat) Not in Film Page 106
Lucas Lee Chris Evans Page 112
Joseph Not in Film Page 187
Lynette Guycott Tennessee Thomas Page 192
Todd Ingram Brandon Routh Page 196
Characters first appearing in Book 3
Character Actor First Appearance
Vegan Police Thomas Jane and Clifton Collins Jr. Page 159
Gideon Graves Jason Schwartzman Page 169
Characters first appearing in Book 4
Character Actor First Appearance
Jason Kim Not in Film Page 24
Mr. Chau Not in Film Page 62
Dominique Not in Film Page 65
Crystal Not in Film Page 65
Peter Not in Film Page 87
Roxie Richter Mae Whitman Page 92
Knives' Auntie Not in Film Page 153
NegaScott Michael Cera Page 168
Characters first appearing in Book 5
Character Actor First Appearance
Mobile Not in Film Page 156
Lawrence West Pilgrim Not in Film Page 167


  1. * (Voiceover, Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation)
  2. * (Voiceover, Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation)
  3. * (Voiceover, Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation)

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