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A list of various enemies and bosses found in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game


  • Mike: Weakest enemy in the game. Dangerous when in a group.
  • Lee: Has a jump kick attack, uses a taunt that'll lower a player's Guts Points.
  • Luke: A formidable enemy who knows when to strike.
  • Richard: This enemy will pick up any item he'll find, throws it at the player, and has great blocking abilities.
  • Malcolm: A tall enemy with a deadly punch and kick attack.
  • Dobermans: Big dogs with a deadly bite.
  • Jesse: A fast emo enemy who can easily dodge most attacks and completely dodge heavy attacks.
  • William: A fat enemy who is immune to fast attacks, and has a deadly punch. He will attempt to slam down on the player when he or she is down.
  • Paparazzi: Guys with flash cameras that'll stun the player.
  • John: An enemy who'll attempt to damage the player by running towards them, and get blown up.
  • Alien: A guy in a blue alien costume with a ray gun.
  • Raxzilla: A guy with a green dinosaur costume with a fire breath and a charge attack.
  • Cameron: A weak enemy wearing motion capture suits.
  • Bats: Giant bats that'll damage the player by flying towards them.
  • Raymond: Lucas Lee's skateboarders/stunt doubles. Encountered during Lucas Lee's boss battle.
  • Rex: Pallete swap of Malcom as a bodyguard in a blue suit. He will punch the player if he or she tries to pick him up or attacks him longer than expected when down.
  • Brad: A dark skinned palette swap of Rex.
  • Ryan: An enemy hipster in red who is dangerous, and will attempt to score a critical hit.
  • Stella: A rollerskater with a knee-kick attack.
  • Rick: This enemy will knock out the player's coins by a shoulder tackle.
  • David: An enemy hipster in black who is more dangerous than Ryan, and one of the toughest enemies encountered.
  • Hanzo: A ninja in black with a sword.
  • Fuuma: White/blue palette swap of Hanzo with a fireball attack.
  • Frank: Red palette swap of Hanzo that runs across the screen throwing shuriken.
  • Buta: Fat kunoichi with sais. Like William, she will slam down on the player if he or she is down.
  • Denzel: A man engulfed in flames.
  • Robot Chuck: A man with a Gundam-like head.
  • Linus: Palette swap of Robot Chuck with a pumpkin head.
  • Harley: Palette swap of William with a pumpkin head.
  • Tom: Palette swap of Robot Chuck with a skull head, acts similar to Jesse.
  • Donnie: Palette swap of William with an Asian appearance.
  • Sammo: A skillful enemy with kung fu techniques.
  • Owls: White owls that'll attempt to divebomb at the player.
  • Wolverines: Wild animals with a damage dealing slash attack.
  • Zombie Jerry: A male zombie, slow moving but with high Health Points.
  • Zombie Lucy: A female zombie, slow moving but with high Health Points.
  • Musclebomber: A big robot with damage dealing arms, explodes when defeated.
  • Absymbel: Robots with attached guns.
  • Bee-0 (normal & flying): Small robots with a deadly bite. Flying type shoots at the player.
  • Gun Turret: Deployable gun turrets that emerge from the floor.
  • Alberta: Genetically engineered palette-swaps of Kim armed with shock sticks.
  • Wright: Yellow-suited enemy with a jetpack that can attack the player from the air.

Bosses & Mini-BossesEdit


  • Male zombies tend to block more than female zombies.


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