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A page from the script described in words. Scott and Knives are playing Ninja Ninja Revolution.

Scott Pilgrim's Little Life is a draft script of the 2010 summer movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The script was written sometime in 2007. The draft script is very different from the final script (Volumes 4-6 didn't exist when the script was written, Envy was evil ex number four instead of Roxie, The Katayanagi Twins were called The Katamari Twins, Gideon transformed into Cred-Zilla). The draft script then turned into the final Scott Pilgrim vs. the World script. Volumes 4-5 existed when the final script was written, Roxie was finally evil ex number four, The Katamari Twins were now the Katayanagi Twins and Gideon didn't transform into Cred-Zilla. You can download the script (Adobe Acrobat Document) here.

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