Wallace's apartment

Scott and Wallace's Apartment

Scott and Wallace's apartment

Scott and Wallace's apartment in the comic

Scott and Wallace's Apartment is a location where Wallace Wells and Scott Pilgrim live. Wallace owns about 3/4 of the items in the apartment and Scott owns about 1/4 of the items. According to Scott, his "Secret Lair" is one of those "No Girls Allowed" type deals. This is later proven wrong when Ramona is on her third date with Scott. (First: Ramona's apartment Second: Rockit)

Ownership of ItemsEdit

The following is a list of items that belong to either Wallace or Scott.

Wallace's ItemsEdit

  • Throw Rug
  • Wall Lamp
  • Easy Chair
  • Computer
  • Books and CDs
  • Shelf
  • Television
  • Everything in the kitchen
  • Video Game Systems and Games
  • Wallace's Coat (Better than Scott's)
  • Socks on Scott's Feet

Scott's ItemsEdit

  • Lame Poster
  • Clothes on Floor and Stuff
  • Shoes Lying Around
  • Scott's Coat (Wallace's is Better)
  • Toothbrush (Wallace paid for it)
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