Snott Pilgrim vs. The Wonderful World of Disney is a parody short of the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, created by Cartoon Network's animated comedy show, MAD. It premiered on the show as the 13th movie skit on that show.
Snot pilgrim vs disney


The short starts at what seems to be Stephen Stills' house as Sex Bob-omb has a practice session. During the session Stephen abruptly stops it and complains to Scott (referred to as Snott in the short) about how he once again has invited his latest girlfriend to band practice. Scott's new girlfriend turns out to be Snow White and the only reason he's dating her is because she doesn't have seven evil exes. However, Scott comes to discover that he has to defeat Snow White's seven dwarves in order to date her. The battle starts with a music battle between Scott and the dwarves. Scott ultimately loses and is sent flying into a mining cave. It is there that he starts fighting the dwarves one-on-one. Scott easily defeats the dwarves that challenge him and befriends the apparently most powerful dwarf, Dopey. At this point, Scott breaks up with Snow White and starts dating Ariel from the Disney film, The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately, Scott must now defeat her seven deadly seas in order to date her.


  • The actual Scott Pilgrim characters that appear in the short are Scott Pilgrim, Kim Pine, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, and Knives Chau.
  • If you look closely at Kim, you'll notice her head is replaced with the head of the MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman's head.
  • The heads of the Scott Pilgrim characters are portrayed by the actors and actresses who play them in the movie, but with cartoon eyes and mouths.
  • In the short, the dwarf Grumpy wears a shirt similar to that of Matthew Patel's.
  • Considering the animation and drawing style, its possible either Bryan Lee O' Malley or the animators of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation collaborated with the making of the short.
  • The dwarves turn into diamonds when defeated, similar to how the exes turn into coins.
  • In the animation, the parody of Scott, Snott, is depicted at ambidextrous.
  • Snott, the Scott parody, plays a left-handed Rickenbacker bass.

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