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Titanium Baseball Bat
Ramona with The Bat

Used by:

Ramona Flowers


+1 Against Blondes

The Titanium Baseball Bat is a weapon used by Ramona Flowers during her duel with Roxie Richter in the fourth book at The Happy Avocado, on the streets, and in Subspace. It's a standard baseball bat with "Whacker" written on the side, is able to stand up to multiple strikes from Roxie's katana unscathed, and is retrieved from Ramona's Subspace Suitcase. Ramona scores a few shots with it, but nothing really special seems to happen with this weapon.

The bat carries a +1 bonus against blondes.
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together -4 - Page 111

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, Titanium Baseball Bats can be found and used in World 4.

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