Christmas with Scott Pilgrim26:13

Christmas with Scott Pilgrim

Through collaberation with MetallicTuneFilms and Hllewis611 comes a classic animated Scott Pilgrim carol! 

After Scott Pilgrim, the lovable hipster douchebag of the millenium, unintentionally forgets to buy Ramona Flowers a christmas gift for the 7th time in a row, he decides to team up with Wallace Wells to host a shitty Machinima rip-off skit show in-order to scrap up whatever low income he could grasp his hands on before she gets Tommy Wiseau to tear his ass a new one! Will Scott be able to scuff up his behaviour towards Wallace? Will Wallace learn to give Scott another chance? Will Stephen do fucking anything? Stay tuned!

 INFO: 'Christmas with Scott Pilgrim' is a sprite animatic/live-action hybrid film. The film will utilize 3 formats : Garry's Mod, sprite animation and live-action segments throughout. Due to an extremely low-budget, only 2 voice actors will be variable in the film while the rest are handled cheaply with the outdated software, Speakonia. 'Christmas with Scott Pilgrim is the spiritual successor/sequel to the abomination : 
          RELEASE DATE : 12/20/13     

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