• Casecr

    if you could hang out with any character on scott pilgrim who would you pick ?

    • scott
    • ramona
    • stacy
    • kim
    • knives
    • envy
    • stephan
    • neil
    • wallace
    • negascott
    • matthew patel
    • lucas lee
    • todd ingram
    • the twins
    • roxie
    • gideon

    personally i wouldnt mind hanging with scott and ramona , and .........envy ;) but who would you want to meet ?

    (yes i am aware that they are fictonal characters , i am austistic though and i im sensitive so keep critisiems to a minemel)

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  • Casecr

    i know micheal cera denied a sequel to scott pilgirm but if there was a sequel what would you want to see ? i would imagian these

    • scott and ramona haveing a baby or at least ramona pregnant
    • ramonas famliy revealed
    • a new villian that puts the 7 evil exes to shame
    • scott and his friends going on a tour across country and getting a new album

    but my question is - what would you want to see ? if they made a sequel

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  • Casecr

    if he beaten ramonas 7 evil ex's than do you think he could woop chuck noris or kratos or mike tyson ?

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  • Casecr

    this is out of curiosity ...... if scott pilgram defeated ramona's 7 evil ex's then do you think he could beat chuck noris or kratos or mike tyson ?

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