so, that infamous alternate ending to Scott Pilgrim was on the DVD. Ramona leaves, and Scott goes with knives.

It sucked. Bad.

It didn't wrap up the movie very smoothly, the ending was kinda weak, the reasoning behind Scott going with Knives was weak, and I wasn't really convinced that it was best for the three characters involved. Ramona seemed very sad when she left, and it honestly felt to me like the movie restarted. Scott Pilgrim is, once again, dating a high schooler.

And seriously, Scott. you beat up thugs. you got hit with many skateboarders. you used the power of rock to summon yetis. You headbutted a vegan. You kicked a hipster so hard he spewed coins all over the goddammn place. all for this girl. you are NOT letting her walk away now. No siree.

Thankfully, we all know how it went down in theaters. the right way :)

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