I'm making a comic book currently, of course it wouldn't get published for a while, so, I just decided to have fun and do a whole series spoofing each SP volume, it'll probably get published after my comic book series gets popular/published.

Hmm.... whats a good spoof name for The Katayanagi Twins... I already did Achoo Patel, Doofuws Lee, Snot Zitgram, and Roxy Witcher... I thought of one for Gideon a while back, a couple days after I beat world 1 of the game, and that was a while after I saw the movie. I'm still stuck. The names for each volume of the spoof series (I call it "Schnoz ChillPillgrim") is listed here.

  1. Schnoz ChillPillgrim Really Needs To Get A Life.
  2. Schnoz ChillPillgrim Is Gonna Hurl.
  3. Schnoz ChillPilgrim & The Infinite Badness.
  4. Schnoz ChillPillgrim Gets It Togeth... Oh, He Lost It Again.
  5. (stuck on the name for the two guys that appear in this one.) Schnoz ChillPillgrim Gets Serriously Hurt.
  6. Schnoz ChillPillgrim's Suckiest Hour.
  7. (For free comic book day, of course!) Free, Yet Idiotic, Schnoz ChillPillgrim.

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