• GideonGraves

    Site Abuse

    August 18, 2010 by GideonGraves

    Banned a user today, just a warning to others as to why:

    If you remove everything from a page, then repost it all, and I catch you, that's a banning. Reason: You're not actually contributing, you're just vandalizing pages for achievement points, and that ain't gonna fly.

    Make sense? I hope so.

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  • GideonGraves

    Life gets weirder and weirder sometimes. Decided to post this after something that happened tonight. I didn't get tickets to the premier downtown, but a friend did and is watching it as I write this, but sometimes life has a way of paying you back.

    Okay, so, I write, and one way I practice getting ideas and descriptions is to go to a public place and just write random thoughts or about people passing by. Most of the time it's stuff like "that guy has no buisness in khakis" or "is there any substance to her" or the like. Anyway, so, I'm sitting down on this street corner 2 weeks back, and I'm pretty aware of my surroundings by which I mean it's hard to sneak up and startle me, even when I've got my iPod on loud. So I'm writing, and this girl…

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  • GideonGraves

    The Glow

    August 4, 2010 by GideonGraves

    So has anyone else thought this through and come to the same realization?

    I'm re-reading Book 6 and listening to Gideon talk about "The Glow" you know, and he mentions it can be passed from person to person, but Scott doesn't show any signs of it until the last book. Not only that, but why is Scott the only one?

    So here's my literal train of thought and sudden realization earlier today:

    "The Glow is kinda confusing, I mean why is Scott the only one exposed to it, and why doesn't it do anything until the last book, I mean what happened in book 5 that could have oh god the glow is transmitted via sex!"

    Doesn't this make sense?

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  • GideonGraves

    Busy Weekend

    July 31, 2010 by GideonGraves

    Scott Pilgrim ve The World opens Aug 13th, the same day Anime Evolution starts up in Vancouver! AUGH! I'm gonna have to find a midnight showing, go, party hard, then get up hung over and go to AE the same morning now! Dammit all!

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  • GideonGraves

    Movie Commercials

    July 26, 2010 by GideonGraves

    Why in the hell aren't they using the Scott Pilgrim commercials they put online on TV yet? I dunno if I'm the only one thinking it, but the web commercials are far superior of the TV ones so far I think.

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