Life gets weirder and weirder sometimes. Decided to post this after something that happened tonight. I didn't get tickets to the premier downtown, but a friend did and is watching it as I write this, but sometimes life has a way of paying you back.

Okay, so, I write, and one way I practice getting ideas and descriptions is to go to a public place and just write random thoughts or about people passing by. Most of the time it's stuff like "that guy has no buisness in khakis" or "is there any substance to her" or the like. Anyway, so, I'm sitting down on this street corner 2 weeks back, and I'm pretty aware of my surroundings by which I mean it's hard to sneak up and startle me, even when I've got my iPod on loud. So I'm writing, and this girl passes by, really close, looking at my work, and I look up at her, and at first I was startled because I didn't see her coming, then I'm double stunned because she hits me with this smile that could melt Greenland. I was literally stunned (lose 4 turns) as she walked by and across the street. Soon as she's gone, my writing takes up a new level of awesomeness. Just the way it all was like a blur, I couldn't even begin to really do the feeling justice.

So I go home, and having been recently dumped and grouchy, my friend asks why the hell didn't I talk to her, and I'm like "I don't know, but I must know this girl!" So what do I do? Next day, same spot, book open, writing my ass off (and I even refer to her in my writing as Ramona just because of her look and how she passed by). Lo and behold, there she is! Sneaks by again in the same attire and stands at the light. My muscles are like "paralyzed! cannot move" and my brain's yelling "move your ass! you may not get a third chance!". So I get up and start talking to her, and tell her she kinda inspired me the night before, and she's cool with it, I even get her name, and it's... none of your damn buisness. She leaves and says she hopes to see me around sometime and I'm like "No way! That was easier than expected!"

So last week, I go back again, and I wait and wait and write and write, nothing. Suddenly, WOOSH! There she is outta nowhere! And what does she do? She sits down next to me and starts asking about my writing, where I'm from, the whole 9 yards. My brain is in total shock, but I manage to stumble out a few answers and ask her a few back, and it goes great! She's into comics, slacking, music, a few local venues, and... I can't describe it, but I know her from somewhere else it feels like. She says she's kinda sotra attached, by while she saw this guy for a while, they moved in together, broke up, moved out, got back together, and she hasn't even talked to him in like 3 weeks, sooooooo.... "I'm the new guy in her life?" I'm thinking. Whatever.

Bonus round: I get her phone number and we decide to chat more.

So tonite rolls around and I know I gotta go again, and I do, and she again shows up outta nowhere (I can't emphisise this enough! I have no idea how she sneaks up on me without me noticing! Maybe I've got subspace in my brain?). Sits down with a jug of milk, we chat, she's talking about getting new ink, I'm trying to write some good lyrics, and she goes to leave. She suggests coffee, and I'm like "Yeah, that'd be cool." but inside I'm all "WOO! HIGH SCORE!" She texts me later to confirm, and now next week we're going for coffee.

So... yeah.... I have a date with Ramona....

Um, bonus points: My IRL name is... Scott, what else?

Just the way things have worked out this week.... I'm so damn happy... I expect something to go horribly wrong here, like she's frequently kidnapped by ninjas or 7 evil exes or is the genetic key to some madman's plot, but I don't care. This feels great... I feel soooo blissful... She's so damn attractive and so cool. She says she used up all her cool talk that first night she sat and we talked for an hour and that it's all downhill from here, but I doubt that.

Any comments or questions? I just needed to let some complete strangers know I'm so goddamn happy!

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