So... I made an IRC room for the wiki.

It's name is #wikia-SP, SP being short for Scott Pilgrim. There is a simple way to access said room: Follow this link, type in your nickname (temporary username on the IRC) in the Nickname field, type in #wikia-SP into the Channels field, fill out the reCAPTCHA, then click the Connect button.

Once in the room, it should say something like '{{{your nickname}}} [some gateway stuff] has joined #wikia-SP'. To say stuff, type into the box at the bottom of the window and press enter/click the arrow. The numbers next to each post is the time that that post was posted. To private message someone, click on their name, then click 'query', and you'll be brought to a new tab, the users private chat room. The 'Status' tab is full of code stuff that you'll get know about sometime. If someone has the @ symbol next to their name, they have Operator status. With this, they can kick someone out of the room, ban someone from the room, give someone operator status, set the topic, cool stuff like that. If someone has the + symbol next to their name, the have Voice. This doesn't have very much meaning, other than to differentiate some users from others.

If you know how to use IRC, disregard everything above. Go to The channel is #wikia-zelda.

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