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aka Jonathan

  • I live in Sydney
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Filmmaker
  • I am Male
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    As the title says I just got the movie for Christmas and I looked through all deleted scenes and ouutakes and skipped through the movie on Trivia Track. I also looked over several parts I missed like Bryan and Hope's cameo and several other things. There's also the gallery and the fact there was a character poster for Scott that hasn't went online. So for those who got the movie what did you like about it or the special features?

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    I've been thinking about this and he could be in a 2D Soulcalibur using the Power of Love and stuff and Ramona could be an unlockable character and she could use the Hammer and the Baseball bat.

    What do you guys think Scott could be in?

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    I saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday and my verdict it is EPIC.

    It manages to fit all the exes in just over 2 hours. It perfectly works.

    My Favourite Parts:

    • Nega Scotts cameo
    • The Vegan Police
    • The "Voice"
    • The use of scenes from the Comic to explain Exes backstories
    • Bass Battle
    • "New New"
    • Kim's sarcasm
    • "It took me 2 hours to get all the Exes contact information" & "You made me swallow my gum, that will be in my digestive track for SEVEN YEARS!"
    • Wallace and Other Scott and Jimmy in bed together
    • The Final 2 battles
    • Julie's Blocked swearing
    • The Power of Love and Self-Respect
    • Ninja Ninja Revolution
    • Comeau' in-joke breaking the fourth wall
    • Ramona's fights against Roxy and Knives
    • Matthew Patel's song (you should take that seriously)
    • Universal 8-Bit Logo and Theme
    • The bit aft…

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    August 25, 2010 by JR Pictures

    The idiot who vandalized the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World page has made me waste my time although his vandalism is funny me and others won't allow it and i had to do three revisions. Hope you're happy

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    Scott Pilgrim's and anyone elses see I get bullied, my friends sometimes make jokes which are sometimes mean and i have a crush on a girl and nearly everyone in my year (including her) knows about it.

    So i wish my life was a lot more like Scott Pilgrim's all Video Games, fighting bad guys and of course travelling through Subspace cause who wouldn't want to.

    So that leaves me to my first question What would your life be if it was like Scott Pilgrim's?

    Also I hopefully should watch the Movie by Thursday or Saturday. I could've seen it Yesterday or last Saturday but didn't get much of a chance so see you.

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