I saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday and my verdict it is EPIC.

It manages to fit all the exes in just over 2 hours. It perfectly works.

My Favourite Parts:

  • Nega Scotts cameo
  • The Vegan Police
  • The "Voice"
  • The use of scenes from the Comic to explain Exes backstories
  • Bass Battle
  • "New New"
  • Kim's sarcasm
  • "It took me 2 hours to get all the Exes contact information" & "You made me swallow my gum, that will be in my digestive track for SEVEN YEARS!"
  • Wallace and Other Scott and Jimmy in bed together
  • The Final 2 battles
  • Julie's Blocked swearing
  • The Power of Love and Self-Respect
  • Ninja Ninja Revolution
  • Comeau' in-joke breaking the fourth wall
  • Ramona's fights against Roxy and Knives
  • Matthew Patel's song (you should take that seriously)
  • Universal 8-Bit Logo and Theme
  • The bit after the credits where Scott's sprite from the Game beats up "The End" Logo.

Although the way they defeated Roxy deemed a bit outlandish

But overall 5 Stars

What was you're favourite part?

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