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A scott pilgrim poem i made

In my Shakespeare class, we were required to make a sonnet (a poem with 14 lines) about a certain topic with a speaker and a theme. So, I made one that's related to the event in Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1. I though you would be interested in seeing it:

This One Girl…

This one girl; oh how you bother me so,

During my days of sleeping in real late,

You’re in my head and at parties I go,

Am I dreaming, or is this true love’s fate?

Your beauty melts the ice on where I walked,

Your colored hair shines like a sunny day,

I regret the way we first met and talked,

I was shy and did not know what to say.

My peers call me a “jobless slacker” guy,

Others a “lady-killer-jerky-jerk,”

We all have made mistakes, but I still try

To approach life with a small, upbeat smirk.

Give me another chance, maybe you’ll see,

Although we’re different, we were meant to be.

So what do u think?

Update: I got an A+ for this sonnet in my Shakespeare class! :D

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