Just for fun/curiosity....

If you were to fight bad dudes like Scott Pilgrim, how would you fight? Seeing that Scott's world is like a videogame, here are some specifics to the question:

  • What would your stats/persona be? (All brawn, fast speed/agility, swords/weapons, etc.)
  • What would be your fighting style? (Weapons, hand-to-hand, or both?)
  • What would be your signature/finishing move (or attack)?
  • What background music would play during your fights?

So, if you were to live in Scott Pilgrim's "precious little life ," how would you fight?

My Fighting:

  • A strategy/speed fighting persona; more on skill than strength.
  • Fighting Style: Mix of sword fighting and hand-to-hand
  • Signature/Finishing Move: (Using my two Katanas) Chrono Trigger X - Strike
  • Background Music: "Invaders Must Die" (The Prodigy), "Subboss Theme" and "Rock Club" (Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Soundtrack), "NINJA GAIDEN" (The Adventures of Duane and Brando), and finally "We Are Sex Bob-Omb [Fast]" (The Scott Pilgrim Movie Soundtrack).

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