Hey, so as you may of seen, i wrote a sonnet about scott and ramona entitled "This one girl.."

Well ive been working with Kastorcin and I extended the poem into a song w/ a chorus. Hopefully, he'll be able to sing and play this on his guitar one day.

So here it is, a song that is based off the events in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life . Enjoy!

This One Girl…

This one girl; oh how you bother me so,
Scott ramona

During my days of sleeping in real late,

You’re in my head and at parties I go,

Am I dreaming, or is this true love’s fate?

Your beauty melts the ice on where I walked,

Your colored hair shines like a sunny day,

Tumblr l460fa9zD61qzl89so1 400

I regret the way we first met and talked,

I was shy and did not know what to say.

My peers call me a “jobless slacker” guy,

Others a “lady-killer-jerky-jerk,”

We all have made mistakes, but I still try

To approach life with a small, upbeat smirk.


I went on Amazon and bought some CDs,

In hopes that you would come to my door,

Picture 1

Using Subspace Highways to deliver packages with ease,

You could be just the girl I’m lookin’ for.

Once again, I got nervous; I was “all over the place,”

You called me lame: Honestly, I agree,

You can’t imagine how big a smile was on my face,

When you agreed to hang out with me!

We went to Hillcrest Park, both of us alone,

You’re from New York? I didn’t know.

It seemed liked destiny that as we headed home,

It started to rain, which turned into snow.


It seemed the snowstorm became the master,

We ended up at your home soaking wet,

The whole was “an unmitigated disaster,”

But you said “the night’s not over yet.”

You offered my tea, and a blanket as well,
Scott and ramona kiss

Ramona, you are just amazing,

You were gone for a while, as far as I can tell,

And I didn’t know you were changing.

“Sorry! I’m just cold!” I said to you,

To me, that felt like a hit-and-miss,

But then you gave me a hug, since you were cold to,

Which all lead to that one kiss!

(Chorus) (Repeat?) (end)

This is the Chorus:

Ramona Flowers, I just want to say:

I’m glad you skated through my head,

If you hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be here today,

And I would of never got to sleep in your bed,

You may have some baggage, but I don’t care,

I’ll keep fighting for you ‘til the very end,

With your Subspace traveling and your colorful hair,

Ramona, you’re an awesome girlfriend!

I'm thinking of making another song. Wadda think?

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