I wanted to making a comic book, but man, i can's make this comic, it's too hard, so, I just decided to have fun and do a whole series oekaking each SP volume, i wish it'll get published after my comic book series gets popular/published.

Hmm.... whats a good japanese name for The Katayanagi Twins...but it already did by Bryan Lee O' Malley, I already did Shinpi tekina (Matthew Patel), Rukasu Kazashimo (Lucas lee), Tomu Yasai (Todd Ingram), Rokki Ritchi (Roxie Richer), And Gyari Gaigan Gureibusu (Gideon Gordon Graves)... The names for each volume of the anime series (I call it "Sukotto Pirugurimu") is listed here.

  1. Sukotto Pirugurimu no pureshasu.
  2. Sukotto Pirugurimu tai Arutimettobatoru.
  3. Sukotto Pirugurimu & ushinatta kanashimi.
  4. Sukotto Pirugurimu wa sore o issho ni shutoku shimasu.
  5. (Sukotto Pirugurimu name stuck in the middle.) Uchu ni Sukotto Pirugurimu dai boken.
  6. Sukotto Pirugurimu saishu raundo.
  7. (For free comic book day, of course!) Jiyu, Sukotto Pirugurimu.

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