This is an idea for a Scott Pilgrim related MMO(RPG) that I've head in my for quite some time.

In the MMO, you'd live in Scott Pilgrim's world, a world where swords burst out of your chest, a world where start marked doors lead to a another dimension, a world where not eating eating meat, eggs or milk grants you intense psychic powers, a world where swords can impossibly cut through enormous things and people have bionic arms for no reason.

I've come up with various different character classes based several characters in the series:


Based on: Scott Pilgrim

Weapons: fists, swords, katanas, short swords

Characters that can utilise powerful fighting moves and attacks. Fighters can gain swords to use in combat when they level up at certain times.


  • Shoryuken - a powerful uppercut
  • Tatsumaki - a powerful spinning kick
  • Hayate - a powerful punch attack
  • Fukiage - a powerful uppercut and short range attack

Subspace Runner

Based on: Ramona Flowers

Weapons: almost everything

Characters with extensive knowledge of Subspace and carry Subspace suitcases, that can hold all manner of weapons, they carry weapons with stat bonuses, making them able to handle any situation.


  • Subspace Knowledge - know where all Subspace doors are and where they lead to
  • Roller Blades - put on roller blades to temporary increase speed
  • Auto Equip - automatically equips the best weapon for the situration


Based on: Matthew Patel

Weapons: fists

Characters who channel mystical fire powers to attack their enemies, Mystics can also summon Demon Hipsters to assist them in battle.


  • Fireball - a powerful fire projectile
  • Kikosho - a short range fire burst attack
  • Levitation - fly for limited distances
  • Flame Pillar - surround yourself in a pillar of fire, protecting yourself from attack and dealing damage to other at the same time
  • Demon Hipsters - summon Demon Hipsters to aid you in battle


Based on: Lynette Guycott

Weapons: Bionic enhancements

Characters who replace their body parts with bionic enhancements, more upgrades are available upon levelling up, but must be bought at a high price.


  • Telescopic Punch - a powerful long range attack
  • Teleportation - teleport short distances during battle
  • Rapid Punch - a series of powerful punches
  • Blend - blend into the background like a something something


Based on: Todd Ingram

Weapons: fists

Characters who have abandoned eating animal products to gain powerful telekinetic abilities, Vegans are powerful, but must adhere to Vegan law and therefore only eat vegan products, if a vegan eats three non-vegan products, the Vegan Police step in and strip them of their powers.


  • Vegan Push - knocks back enemies with telekinetic powers
  • Vegan Lightning - use telekinetic power to zap enemies with lightning
  • Vegan Choke - use telekinesis to lift up and choke enemies
  • Vegan Mind Trick - use telepathic power to temporary confuse enemies
  • Vegan Shield - create a shield with telekinetic energy to block attacks


Based on: Roxie Ricther

Weapons: katanas, short swords, daggers

Characters who attack with incredible speed and strong attacks, as well as powerful ninja magic.


  • High Speed Dash - dash quicker than the human eye to attack enemies
  • Teleportation - teleport long distances
  • Illusion - create four illusion of yourself to throw off your enemies
  • Winifred Hailey Clones - summon Winifred Hailey clones to assist you in battle


Based on: Mr. Chau

Weapons: katanas

Characters who can deal powerful sword strikes at deadly speeds.


  • Mechanical Engine of Revenge - focus on an enemy, allowing you to pursue them anywhere they go.
  • Strike - a powerful sword attack
  • Sweep - a powerful, wide area attack
  • Slash - dash towards enemies and hit them with a powerful sword attack

I also have some ideas for characters based on Knives Chau, The Boys!! and Crash!, Lucas Lee and Gideon Graves. So, what dose everyone think?

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