• RondariusR

    Ok this would be like a movielist for these characters

    if they were used in story the map would be changed and you would have to fight the good guys


    square:left and right jabs that he normally does

    triangle:powered punch he does(not the power blast)

    L1:Demon hipster chicks wave

    R1:Powered blast he does

    Taunt:His Finger Point


    square:his normal combo he does

    tringle:uppercut twitter check

    L1:A kinky ramona who smashes the first enemy in sight

    R1:Enable skateboard ride slowly decreasing mp

    Taunt:Quickly puts cigar in mouth and tosses out


    Tood would be more of a 1 on 1 person so he wouldnt have an attack that hit more than 1

    square:3 punches resulting in knockback

    triangle:head electrifier

    L1: Guitar smash causing lightning to drop around him…

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